Megjelent a linuxos KTorrent 3.2-es sorozatának második hibajavító kiadása.



– Fix crash when changing speed limits using system tray menu (188447)
– Fix bug with displaying directory trees in infowidget FileView
– Fix crash caused by calling front on empty QList
– Make sure paths in webseed http requests are URL encoded (189477)
– Prevent torrent from being loaded twice when loading torrents via commandline or external program (190434)
– Fix crash caused by uncaught exception (190317)
– Fix crash caused by sorting list of torrent in QM when the list is being cleared (190759)
– Added patch from amichai which makes the plasma applet a popup applet and which fixes some other things (190822)
– Fix bug causing drag and drop of torrent on to plasma desktop not to work
– Increase numwant to 200 and the maximum number of potential peers to 500
– Cancel all scan dialogs before exiting, this fixes a crash (191487)
– Config dialog now embeds pages in scroll areas, so that the dialog also is useable on small screens
– Make sure dbus names are valid, this fixes an assert (192007)
– Fix crash when parsing DHT packets (190107)
– Remove newlines from path names of files when present in torrent file (192652)
– Properly check for GeoIP system library (193117)
– Fix crash at exit caused by stopping torrent in it’s destructor (193585)
– No longer check if a torrent has to have an announce or a nodes key
– Added experimental option which replaces KIO to announce with a QHttp based solution, this fixes connection to host broken errors
– Make sure http post works properly in search plugin (194037)

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