A BREIN elég rendesen beindult. Nem régen adtunk hírt arról, hogy egy meglehetősen nagy topsite-ot buktatott le, korábban pedig arról cikkeztünk, hogy torrentoldalakat tömegesen lehetetlenített el. Most ismét egy warez ftp-t sikerült lefoglalniuk.

A november végén lefoglalt TvLand egyébként szoros kapcsolatban állt a torrentesek körében egyik legelőkelőbbnek tartott torrent trackerrel, a SceneTorrents-cel.

A most lefoglalt topsite-ot SPARTA-nak hívták, a korábban rajtakapott TvLand-nál jóval nagyobb, 65 terabyte kapacitású volt a jelentések szerint. Ezzel a Sparta a valaha lefoglalt legnagyobb illegális  ftp (hálózat).

Több információ egyelőre nem szivárgott még ki.

Update 1, 2: a scene is szivárogtatott ki információkat:

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  • Some.Info.About.A.Rented.Site.Called.Sparta.TS.XVID.P2P-NoticeoftheSceneNFO

    well, this was supposed to be rlsd along long time ago
    but now i had enough

    no, i dont have any logs about that site like any real pro would, i just have this stuff im gonna present:

    ive been into some p2p channels to do some research about how much it costs to be in that site (unfortunetly ive
    also been there as affil, till i found out whats going on….)

    here is some recent log from a p2p member ive talked to about this leeching:

    <s****87> i wud rather pay
    <s****87> for a TB
    <s****87> on one of the 45TB axx
    <*******> yep
    <*******> SPARTA u mean
    <*******> ?
    <s****87> yeah
    <s****87> speeds are even better
    <s****87> bcz they are leasweb
    <s****87> yes it sucks with 500GB right now
    <s****87> as darks (OTHER SITE) i wud get unlimited

    this message above was by TORRENTLEECH uploader

    i knew for a fact that sparta had 45TB from someone else affilated in that site right now, also that p2p channel
    is known as people trying to find leeches on SPARTA or on other sites, like TVland who got their nfo lately (and they are still running btw as far as i know)

    look at this log, who proves (partly) the connection between SPARTA and SCT:
    (this scene member is also a p2p tracker owner)

    [00:28] <ME> sites like sparta do give out bad names
    [00:28] <ME> he is like
    [00:28] <ME> “we are not p2p”
    [00:28] <ME> the admin
    [00:28] <ME> im like
    [00:28] <ME> yeah sure
    [00:28] <SCENEMEMBER> sparta sells leech slots
    [00:28] <ME> i know
    [00:28] <SCENEMEMBER> 45 for 300gb
    [00:29] <ME> we are gonna leave there
    [00:29] <ME> since the day we got affil there
    [00:29] <ME> sct and other torrent sites gets our stuff way faster
    [00:29] <SCENEMEMBER> they are not even fast ;>
    [00:29] <SCENEMEMBER> sct owns sparta you idiot
    [00:29] <ME> wtf
    [00:29] <ME> i didnt knew that
    [00:29] <ME> i just thought theyre selling it
    [00:30] <SCENEMEMBER> how the fuck do you think they do do under 10 sec pretime on tv stuff pred on sparta
    [00:30] <ME> 🙁
    [00:30] <ME> why no one rls nfo about it
    [00:30] <ME> or something
    [00:31] <SCENEMEMBER> already did, they changed bnc and is running again
    [00:31] <SCENEMEMBER> many affils left site when nfo came

    as far as i know, SCT as well runs XXX group. by the info i got from this user.

    another log:
    thats from an uploader p2p channel of some torrent tracker named ChronicTracker (no, i didnt uploaded, i just promised i will 🙂 )

    [00:29] <——> [COMPLETE] [TV-XVID] The.Real.Monarch.Of.The.Glen.S01E05.WS.PDTV.XviD-REMAX completed 9 seconds after PRE
    (used to be colorful, my logs dont copy colors :S)

    this ^ is a log from sparta irc channel copied to p2p channels by a pay leecher, (ohhh, so thats why they have +u on all the channels 😛 )

    also copied a part of the site rules:
    [05:48] <——> [0.3] BANNED:JustDifferent, AlternativePorn, CockLovers

    another one by different member in that p2p channel who questiond me about SPARTA, this one is Pisexy uploader:

    [00:47] <starbursts> hmm
    [00:47] <starbursts> what prices/packages do they have?
    [00:47] <ME> prices?
    [00:47] <ME> ah
    [00:47] <ME> sec
    [00:47] <starbursts> and is it as good as sparta?
    [00:48] <ME> whats sparta
    [00:48] <ME> dont know

    [05:18] <starburst> man if we could get auto send from sparta

    now this log proves it all

    Session Start: Fri Aug 22 21:43:24 2008
    Session Ident: william
    [21:43] <*******> ?
    [21:43] <William> hi
    [21:43] <*******> hi 😛
    [21:43] <*******> tell me
    [21:43] <*******> u on site SPARTA?
    [21:44] <William> yeah im on that one
    [21:44] <*******> lol
    [21:44] <*******> so am i
    [21:44] <William> its good site but 40gb quota

    [21:46] <William> the owner of sparta knows i use it for torren6ts
    [21:46] <*******> Oo
    [21:47] <William> not that he would admit it
    [21:47] <William> 😛
    [21:47] <*******> lol

    Session Time: Sat Aug 23 00:00:01 2008
    Session Close: Sat Aug 23 16:10:35 2008

    another p2p channel:

    [21:54] <dertan> hey *****
    [21:55] <mopitup> Real.Big.Tits.35.XXX.Dvdrip.Xvid-Brabusters is 80 % on sparta
    [21:55] <*******> hi
    [21:55] <*******> k
    [21:55] <mopitup> 🙂
    [21:55] <*******> i got it
    [21:56] <*******> i think

    after some time, in that channel, william is uploading both pisexy and ChronicTracker, other leechers comes up
    as i showed above

    now this is just small copy out of their irc , just to show william did copy exact bot words:

    [03:19] <Sparta> RACE in DVDR: -> —/RACER is joining on Do.You.See.Seoul.COMPLETE.NTSC.DVDR-TiiX @ 3.0MB/s and 73 files left.
    [03:20] <Sparta> COMPLETE in DVDR: -> Mother.and.Daughters.NTSC.DVDR-TiiX ( 4.7GB in 94F at avg speed 3.4MB/s 23m 18s ) by 3 racer(s) from 2 group(s).
    [03:20] <Sparta> UserTop:
    [03:20] <Sparta> 1. —/iND [2.2GB/44F/46%/4.7MB/s] [ALUP #3][WKUP #2]
    [03:20] <Sparta> 2. —/iND [2.1GB/42F/44%/10.0MB/s] [ALUP #7][WKUP #8]
    [03:20] <Sparta> 3. —/— [400.0MB/8F/8%/3.0MB/s] [ALUP #28][WKUP #13]
    [03:20] <Sparta> GroupTop:
    [03:20] <Sparta> 1. iND [4.3GB/86F/91%/6.4MB/s]
    [03:20] <Sparta> 2. —– [400.0MB/8F/8%/3.0MB/s]
    [03:20] <SPARTA-PRE> [COMPLETE] [DVDR] Mother.and.Daughters.NTSC.DVDR-TiiX completed 24 minutes 40 seconds after PRE

    now, you can believe it, and you can just dont care for it, i got all the info about that site, as well as groups
    affilated in there, im no longer in there for along time now, as far as i heard, groups CRiMSON and 2HD used to be there
    until they found out that site is rented and p2p, and left it, good job guys, you have my respect

    now i advice to all groups, and racers to drop on that site, ofcourse its Rented on Leasaweb,
    its been running for some time now and changing bnc from time to time to not get discoverd.

    owners/siteops there are Upper and JiMBO.

    this is their ftp as far as my logs shows:

    [13:40] <Sparta> [Sparta]-[Our BNCs]:
    [13:40] <Sparta> [Sparta]-[SPARTAftp.info:47335]-[ONLINE]-[ 1 ms]

    just go to ripe.net and see the info about that BNC

    % Information related to ‘ –’

    inetnum: –
    netname: Sparta
    descr: Organization Name: Sparta
    descr: Street Address: 40A Allee Scheffer
    descr: City: Luxembourg
    descr: Country: Luxembourg
    descr: Postal Code: L-2520
    descr: Abuse Email: abusespartaftp.info
    descr: Tel.: +352 266 8640
    descr: Fax: +352 266 864 39
    remarks: Please send email to [email protected] for complaints
    remarks: regarding portscans, DoS attacks and spam for
    remarks: an immediate response.
    remarks: Please send email to “[email protected]” for complaints
    remarks: regarding portscans, DoS attacks and spam.

    (look abuse email)

    lets clean the scene from those sites
    and if u want to clean me for doing some p2p research, ur welcome, i just did what u should have done long time ago.

  • Some.Info.About.A.Rented.Site.Called.Sparta.P2P-SCENENOTiCENFO

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