A linuxos kliens 3.2 verziója után ez az első bugfix kiadás, melyben számos hibát javítottak az elmúlt két hónapban.

Amellett, hogy végre a portváltás nem igényel újraindítást, a webes interfész számos hibáját is javították:

– Resort torrents if display name is changed
– Fix bug causing torrents to get stuck when data checking and move to completed dir are done when a torrent has finished
– Fix sorting of time left column (185284)
– Make sure selection in view is updated when the view is sorted again
– Prevent torrent from start when torrent is opened user controlled and not started and ktorrent is restarted
– Use IPv6 :: (all interfaces) address to bind to when interface is not specified
– Make sure QM can be edited when queue is paused
– Fix bug causing network interface not to be set when server was initialized
– Backport fix for ktorrent hogging XVideo port
– Backport fix for displaying song information not working properly
– Fix bug causing url requester in fileselect dialog not to allow you to select directories on windows (185739)
– Don’t throw away model of FileView, when switching torrents (186031)
– Fix bug causing infinite emission of the stoppedByError signal when corrupted chunks are found in a not started completed torrent
– Fix bug in time estimation algorithm causing imported bytes not to be included in average speed calculation
– Fix bug causing torrents to move around when being sorted on floating point numbers and number is equal (186770)
– Improve keyboard navigation of GroupView by activating the current item when pressing enter
– In webinterface clear torrent details before updating the table to prevent an old file list being shown
– Fix webseeding crash (184986)
– Fix several webseeding bugs
– Check for invalid characters (for windows that is) in torrent name on windows (187373)
– Fix webseeding crash caused by wrong chunk range (187882)
– Expanded scripting API with scriptDir function
– Use QFile::rename instead of KIO jobs to do log rotation (188225)
– Make sure that selection gets updated when the peer view and chunkdownload view are sorted (185825)

A program legújabb verziója innen tölthető le.